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Jacob zachar dating

May 1934 until early 1937, Artuzov was also deputy head of the IV Directorate of the Staff of the RKKA / the Soviet military intelligence / later GRU (to the IV Directorate from May 25, 1934; his raport to Stalin on June 23, 1934).

On January 11, 1937, Artuzov was dismissed from his position as deputy head of the Soviet military intelligence. Artuzov was then sent back to the GUGB NKVD, was the head of archival department.

57 - 58: he was known to sphere of Petersburg high society, Polish "old nobleman", secret chieftain of socialists; he concealed of Trocki - Bronstein in Petersburg A. 1905 and also directed Chrustalow - Nosar or Chrustalov - Nosari in 1905. After the war the company moved to Switzerland where they traded as Hagelin Cryptos. to: and during the War essentially operated in the United States ...Initiator of the compilation of the 'Caucasian Collection', published in Tiflis in 1876-1912. Ernst was a cryptanalyst under Tsar Nicholas in his 'Black Cabinet' and reached the equivalent rank of admiral. To improve the operating comfort, the C-35 was connected to an electric typewriter, which the U. These included the Vatican, as well the governments of Iraq, Iran, and Libya. Unfortunately, no materials are available to support or argue the words of that high-ranking Finnish intelligence officer ...In marriage he had six sons and one daughter, among others Alexander Mikhailovich (Sandro), b. During World War I, he was known as Ernst Popov; he solved German, Austrian and British codes. German military attache in Tallinn, Colonel Horst Rsing, evaluated the Estonian radio-intelligence against the Soviet Union as more successful than the Finnish one ...or they worked as engineers in different corners of former Russia since second half of the 19th century. 1830 - 1st married with Filipp Platkowski son ofsouth - west of Kostiukovichi and south of Krzyczzew, now the Moghilev oblast but Kostiukovichi belonged to Vladimir Tichonowiecki and his family 1799 to 1917; Kirill was owner also Kulgajevka / Kulgaevka in Klimovichi county, a house in Kostiukovichi 1783, inf. Bonch-Bruevich on July 7, 1920 because of a month's holiday and travels to Kulgaevka / Kulgajewka village in the Klimovichi county, Moghilev / Mogilev province, when the Red Army went on the general offensive - begun on July 4, 1920 - against Poland. Vladimir Bonch - Bruevich had got a cabin in autonomous Finland and Lenin had hiding place there when Zinoviev claimed that Lenin had discussed the question of the take-over in the Tauridian Palace on the 3rd (16th) of July 1917. Petersburg, like Emmanuel's closest technical advisor See: Smith, Francis O. in Portland; Shannon, A Mathematical Theory of Communication. in 1948; Damm Arvid G., Aktiebolaget Cryptograph, ed.but not 1869, for example, son: Piotr Trubecki / Piotr Nikolaievitch Trubetzkoy b. on him 1805 in the Klimovichi courtwas publisher and one of Lenin's closet associates. This was incorrect, since Lenin was in Bonch-Bruyevich's villa in Finland then, and returned only on the 4th (17th) of July 1917, acc. 1922; Crypto AG is a Swiss company specialising in communications and information security. Crypto AG was established in Bern by Russian-born Swede, Boris Hagelin. It was the first of a long line of mechanical cipher machines.

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With the beginning of the 1st World War, in fact, led the fleet of Russia. Fetterlein began work for the British intelligence in June 1918; he was recruited to Room 40 to work on Georgian, Austrian and Bolshevik codes. But we know that in the early 1920s, the Russian section of the British decryption service taken Ernest Fetterleyn, since 1897 leading cryptanalyst for the Committee of tsarist Foreign Ministry, in reading a diplomatic correspondence of hostile states. His brother: Magnus Friedrich von Gernet 1824 died October 22, 1909 in Reval / Tallinn, Estonia - and his son: on October 31, 1882 d. 1758 / 1763, died in 1806, who founded a high quality clock factory in Stockholm in 1783". Arne Beurling and the success of Swedish signals intelligence, edited by Bo Hugemark, Probus Frlag, Stockholm 1992. Swedish intelligence services in the modern sense of the word had indeed been already established in the beginning of this century.

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