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Isochron dating add message

Further evidence for a young age from nuclear physics comes from large amounts of helium found in tiny zircon crystals extracted from rocks that are allegedly 1.5 billion years old.

The amount of uranium and lead present in the crystals indicated that the helium was the result of radioactive decay of the uranium.

The exact equality of each molecule to all others of the same kind gives it …

the essential character of a manufactured article, and precludes the idea of its being eternal and self-existent.

So did he have any advice for students thinking of studying science? Science—that is operational science, how the world works—is fascinating stuff—and it is operational science that has provided all the technological and medical advances that make our present age so wonderful. ”C), it is absorbed by plants during photosynthesis and then by animals eating the plants and other animals eating the animals that eat the plants and, of course, by humans when we eat our burgers and broccoli.

However, be careful not to confuse the facts of operational science with the musings of origins science—that is the materialistic speculations about how things came to be. When the plant or animal dies, it stops absorbing carbon and the C found is of the order of 100 times the sensitivity of the instruments, so it is not simply a minor measurement blip.

If any of these assumptions are incorrect, it can dramatically change the calculation of the age. Helens in 1986 was radiometrically dated as 2.6 million years old!

Adam and Eve disappear, original sin disappears, death through sin disappears, the need for a Saviour disappears and indeed, in the end, salvation and eternal life disappear.” “The Big Bang says nothing created everything, versus the Bible that teaches that everything was created by the Word of God; the earth, sun, moon and stars formed by gradual accretion over billions of years rather than in a few days by the Word of God; life occurring by accident rather than by holy fiat; humans evolving over millions of years from an ape-like ancestor rather than being created in the image of God in a single day; death being an essential part of the world from the start rather than being an unintended but necessary consequence of mankind’s original sin.”No theory of evolution can be formed to account for the similarity of molecules, for evolution necessarily implies continuous change ….the essential character of a manufactured article, and precludes the idea of its being eternal and self-existent.” “Elementary particle physics tells us there are only 3 fundamental particles, each occurring in a few variants resulting in a total of only 24 elementary particles.Everything in the entire universe is made from and held together by these 24 particles.” Yet from just these 24 basic building blocks, “There are 118 chemical elements which can be combined to create almost innumerable compounds like iron oxide, calcium carbonate and amino acids; and these can be combined to create almost innumerable substances like bubble gum, proteins and concrete; and these can be combined to create even grander structures like buildings and airplanes and computers and even the human body. These forces cover an incredible range of strengths and all behave differently: gravity only attracts; the electromagnetic force both attracts and repels; both act over infinitely long distances whereas the strong force only acts within the nucleus. Helens in 1986 was radiometrically dated as 2.6 million years old!” Furthermore, he shows that the long-agers’ favourite dating method, carbon dating, supports a much younger age.That’s because radioactive carbon is so short-lived it should not be present in anything over 100,000 years old, yet it is found in coal and diamonds allegedly many millions of years old (see his explanation in the box below).

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Consequently, I have come to think of the Bible and Christianity as the perfect system.” Dr Mason compares biblical Christianity with the Apollo system that sent men to the moon and returned them safely: this included everything that was required, and didn’t have anything unnecessary to its goal. “However”, Jim says, “the Apollo system, being man-made, was not perfect as amply demonstrated by the near catastrophe of the Apollo 13 mission.

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