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Internet dating suggest link

“A worldwide deployment of sensors may be too great a temptation for any country’s intelligence services to ignore.” “Kaspersky may also have been required by Russian authorities to participate in a quiet business partnership with the government,” he said.A former CIA station chief in Moscow agreed that Kaspersky may have had little choice.It includes an analysis of the company’s source code “to ensure that undeclared functionality and security issues –- like backdoors – do not exist,” the company said.However, Russia’s certification reviews do not require the company to divulge “the necessary information to permit those (spy) organizations to bypass products’ security mechanisms,” Kaspersky said.Founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky studied cryptography, programming and mathematics at an academy operated by the KGB, the FSB’s Soviet-era predecessor, then worked for the Ministry of Defense.

Kaspersky has gained an unwanted spotlight lately amid the Justice Department’s investigation headed by outside Special Counsel Robert Mueller into whether the Kremlin colluded with President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. Now, official Kremlin documents reviewed by Mc Clatchy could further inflame the debate about whether the company’s relationship with Russian intelligence is more than rumor. intelligence agencies have turned up the heat in recent days on Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based cybersecurity giant long suspected of ties to Russia’s spying apparatus.“No one should be surprised if there are closer relationships between IT vendors and law enforcement, worldwide, than the public imagines,” Geers said. It’s certainly possible, Geers said, that Kaspersky’s software contains a secret “backdoor” to allow Russian special services access for law enforcement and counterintelligence purposes.Case in point: Whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that American telecommunications companies shared vast amounts of personal data with the ultra-secret U. “If such a secret backdoor exists, I would not be shocked,” Geers said.

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The certificates are posted on Kaspersky’s web site.

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