Interactive dating ideas best dating site for san diego

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Interactive dating ideas

For around the same cost as a dinner for two at any moderately priced restaurant in the city, you’re treated to a much more interactive experience with this food tour of San Francisco’s most delicious neighborhoods.

Choose from Italian goodies in North Beach, Latin flavors in the Mission, or Chinese delicacies in Chinatown and taste popular dishes from five of the most iconic restaurants and holes-in-the-wall the neighborhood has to offer.

Do we really need to explain further why this is awesome?

After you’re done jumping around like kids, plan on sharing a bottle of wine on Crissy Field across the street like the adults (with the healthy, active love lives) that you are.

A virtual, indoor driving range means you can enjoy the best aspects of golf -- hitting balls drinking -- without having to endure any of the negatives (stuffy dress codes, early tee-times, committing to 19 holes with a person you just met on Tinder).

Upgrade your standard happy-hour date by suggesting an after-work tee-time (it’s located on Second and Howard, near all your standard happy hour bars, anyway).

Sure, the waterfall on the center island, sweeping city views, ducks, and storybook wooden bridges could tip this date into cheesy territory, but that’s nothing a few tall boys in paper bags can’t temper. It’s basically a typical Mission bar -- complete with decent food, craft cocktails, and people in flannel -- only there are bowling lanes, too.

Plus, is it really the worst thing in the world if you start to remind her of Ryan Gosling? Come during the week when the wait list for the two first-come, first-served lanes is generally shorter.

A bike ride along an undisclosed route to a mystery location that ends in an after-hours party? Recent meet-up locations have started at perfect date-night bars too, such as Trad’r Sams and The Tunnel Top. Take a page out of a Nicholas Sparks novel with a picturesque paddle on Golden Gate Park’s Stow Lake. SF offers several awesome urban date hikes, but a walk that ends at Sutro Baths is especially dreamy. Classic courtship gets the trendy, hipster treatment at Mission Bowl.Here's a tip: Rent the pedal boats instead of the rowboats so your hands are free for sipping beer. And enjoy drinks or food on the patio while you wait.If you’re into setting up rom-com levels of twee but want to resist the cliched ice skating date, the Church of 8 Wheels is the perfect retro alternative.Newsweek, The Onion's AV Club, This American Life, and more rave about the raw storytelling, so even if the relationship doesn’t last, this "cultural phenomenon" is worth seeing.A massive trampoline park in a historic airplane hangar.

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A far cry from your local community centre rink, this is one of the city’s most scenic. Plus, the adrenaline rush can only do good things for you. Get a Blast of Culture at the AGOThis winter, the AGO is more exciting than ever this winter with the graffiti art-filled (February 7-May 10).

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