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and if possible can i get a link to the article of indiana law that states such things?

cause from the way ive understood it as long as theres no sexual contact until after the age of 18 and the parent consents then it is ok.

Please help me understand things straight and show my dad were he is being overbearing. org/legislative/ic/code/title35/ar42/ch4scroll down to 35-42-4-9 There are no laws against dating. You can date without sexually arousing her or having her sexually arouse you.

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it will consider the fact of choosing another person who is older then 18 or else you can wait until she is 18 but in many states all dating in family court are the same and another laws some remain the same others are different because we are united states of america we are um, yeah. In short, if you want to continue this relationship and her parents allow it, plan on keeping your hands, lips and various other body parts to yourself until she is of legal age.

Anyway, the age of consent in Indiana appears to be 16...

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I say appears because the statutes are written very nebulously.