Hugh dancy and isla fisher dating

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Hugh dancy and isla fisher dating

If his room service order was delayed, he’d flip over the tray!!SCREAMING and belittling hotel employees was an everyday activity. No amount of rehab – sex or otherwise – is going to change someone THAT entitled and deeply unethical.Photo Credit: AKM-GSI If you EVER thought Harvey Weinstein might have a milligram of decency in him, you WON’T when you read the Hollywood Reporter story about how he and his colleagues behave in expensive hotels.Chris Gardner interviewed some anonymous hotel employees about their experiences with Harvey and other powerful showbiz moguls and we were APPALLED.Don’t hold your breath waiting for Helen to comment on this.Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News Lou Diamond Phillips pulled off the dumbest move while intoxicated within recent memory.Obviously Alex is a huge fan of chocolate sprinkles.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI Love the fact that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez took their respective kids out for ice cream in Miami and didn’t hesitate to get big cones for themselves.

Super-creepy Seagal, 65, has always been comparable to Harvey Weinstein in his methods – he invited actresses to his hotel room for “auditions” and greeted them in a bathrobe!

Numerous women have charged the massively egotistical actor with sexual harassment over the years, but they’ve been paid off.

And Claire Danes, 38, showed how she keeps her athletic body in optimum shape for the physically taxing role, as she went for a run in Santa Monica, California on Monday.

Wearing a tiny pair of running shorts, the actress looked incredible as she kept up her daily exercise regime.

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Photo Credit: AKM-GSI Here’s a piece of Kevin Spacey gossip that we NEVER expected.

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