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Hebrew roots dating

The easiest route by which they could leave Egypt was by the Mediterranean sea. Thayer in "The Hebrews in Egypt and their Exodus" presents evidence that on the night of the exodus, a Hebrew force seized boats on the Nile and on the canal system of the Red Sea.A series of canals existed at that time which linked the Nile to the Red Sea. These boats could have been used by those who left the camp, even before the exodus began.THE DISPERSION OF THE TRIBES In Genesis 12:3 Yahweh said to Abraham when He originally called him to separate himself from his own people in Ur of the Chaldees and follow Him, "I will make you a great nation" "And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed." The great nation was Israel, Yahweh's first-born son and in Abraham all the families (or ethnic groups) would be blessed.In Genesis -17 Yahweh gives to him the actual promise of the land for the nation that would come forth from his natural descendants who would be as the "dust of the earth", which was Israel.Both had a contention that they had the right to be the first-born.Dan had been a first-born son into the family of Rachel's household until Yosef was born many years later and it appears he grew up in that expectation and resented Yosef's arrival as the true first-born son of Rachel.

Hecataeus of Adera in Egypt under Ptolemy recorded in 4BC that under the leadership of Dannus and Cadmus, they went to Greece and that the rest of the Israelites went to Judea.His descendants did become a great nation in the land of Ca'anan, as promised and for a period of time they were divided into two nations, but the promise of "many nations" is not fulfilled in what happened during their occupation of the promised land, the land of Israel.His descendants were also to become as the "sand of the seashore" for number (Genesis -18), as well as the "stars of heaven".The Biblical account follows the thread of Yahweh's dealings with them in regard to His primary plan of redemption and the establishment of His kingdom upon earth but its focus does not include all the events in their history for which we must look at other sources.Yahweh is faithful to His Word and none of His promises are made in vain - they are fora purpose.

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