Ghanain dating scammers is debby ryan dating zac efron

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Ghanain dating scammers

Samuel Johnson,,who will claim to work for the Ghana Consulate,,and a Mr.Jenkins Yves,, Who claims to be a security officer at Shiphol Airport in Amsterdam..i told her the invoice was for 3 days in the hospital and she was only in for 2 days, and the invoice was issued after 1 day, before she was released. I told her that i knew the pictures she sent me were of the american porn star.She said she is american porn star and that a man named Calvin, (the man she previously described as Ken who wanted her to be a prostitute when she met him in the USA in 2012), drugged her and forced her to take naked pictures.Her scam is to get you to pay for a Traditional Marriage Rite.i objected to the cost of the Traditional Marriage and sent 0 dollars.

But she could not stay and the hospital because she needed 3 for a hospital card.

I continued to suggest she was lying about this all, but she kept insisting on all she said is real.

I suggested a video conference and i would initiate it through a friend.

March 11, 2014 Email from [email protected] to Jack with two pictures attached: "Baby i want you to know that this is the real picture of me my sweetheart, and i know you will still love me because am not urgly baby and i want u to come online and u will see me on the webcam as well baby i want you to know that you have to be calm and lets chat because am having a strong feelings towards you baby, Hope u liked my picture. After she typed brb and signed out of YM, came back on in about 20 minutes and had a webcam.

i saw her live, and it was the person that is in the attached images.

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luckly I had a few good friends and told me to be careful. she wanted to get together since we had fallen in love and wanted to move in with me..

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