Getting married versus dating

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Getting married versus dating

Before that I’d only had a couple of partners, both whom were also on the pill.

Although my partner was a bit skeptical, I was convinced we could just use the pullout method instead.

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Summary: It’s liberating to know that no matter how hard, long or often you come there is no chance it will result in a pregnancy. -OR- Don’t want more kids but don’t want to wear a condom? After about fifteen years together my partner and I decided to start a family.

It’s not that we couldn’t get around to it sooner; it’s just that my partner is a highly organized person and this is where she had put pregnancy in her 20 year planner. They’re about two feet thick with ring binders the size of bicycle rims. Now my partner had been on the pill since we started dating.

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Barring a bizarre fatal accident or devastating disease, her prognosis for a long and healthy life looked good.