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George l dating around

In 1916 George Busse and his brothers bought the Rooney farm, and in 1921 they subdivided a small portion of it and later on up to Mount Prospect Road, in sections.

Elm and Maple were the only ones that remained the same. Of course, somehow this never did happen, but after the conversation ended he would always distribute the presents without further alarm. Nicholas was attended by a boy dressed as a girl who was called Nicolo Weebol with twelve boutonmonmon. BITTNER: Well, this was brought from Germany _______, “Silent Night,” and this we brought from the Canary Islands because we found many banana trees there. It comes from the in East Germany, from Wittenburg. MAIDA BITTNER: To get up there nowadays, well, it appears to be steps, but it’s a very, very long and tedious walk uphill, quite steep, and in the early days they didn’t have this walk. Since it was such a hard walk they had these donkeys that people rode up there, and they brought all their supplies up by donkey back. VIC BITTNER: The ________ was the place that Luther was confined after he had appeared before the group’s emissary in ______, and he was captured by one of the German princes and brought to the _______ for safekeeping because his life was ______.

Does MPHS have photographs: Yes Address in MP: 111 S. It gives all the landowners of the old farms around here before all these subdivisions came. B: Whose farm is where I live now, 400 South Hi-Lusi? BUSSE: That was already subdivided in the country club section. We always said to them, “Well, now you can ______ Russian.” These things we put on the tree, too. Our granddaughters did them when they were real small, and they wrote little notes inside and did the work on the outside.

Maple Birth Date: September 7, 1900 Death Date: June 17, 1991 Marriage Date: June 4, 1922 Spouse: Hilda Rohlwing Children: Louise, George R., Joanne Interesting information on life, career, accomplishments: George L. And I tried to gather together many of the different kinds of green.

There was farmland owned by the Roone~s and the Birch families. Eggleston and George Rooney went into real estate partnership and subdivided part of the Rooney farm on August 24, 1874 and called it Mount Prospect.

The reason they called it Mount Prospect is that it was one hundred feet above the level of Lake Michigan, and also the highest point in Cook County. B: You will give us one for our historical file, won’t you?

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I think I missed one house here –I think that’s Meyns house in that block where the donut shop is now. The Froemming farm buildings were located where the Lutheran Church of Martha and Mary is now located. The following improvements were put in: The first water system was installed in 1921; in 1926 sewers were put in, and then by that time the streets were tore up so bad we had to pave them; in 1927 we paved ten miles of streets.