Genetic matching dating Reallifecam li na and mark vi deolaririririri

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Genetic matching dating

There are several reasons why finding your genetic match is believed to lead to a long-lasting and successful relationship: - That the sex lives of genetically compatible partners are more satisfying than average.- That the fertility rates are higher for genetically compatible couples.

Last week, I took a DNA test to see just how genetically compatible we are.In other words, the service helps you find the people you’re more likely to have chemistry with, but not whether you enjoy their company or find them funny.Over the centuries, physics, chemistry, and biology have transformed what once was seen as mysterious or even magical—the rotation of the stars, flowers blooming, causes of disease—into well-understood phenomena.According to the test, we are an 85% overall match, a rather strong result, Gonzalez says.Most couples get a score between 60-80%; he and his wife, Sara Seabrooke, one of the co-founders of the company, got 80% on their test.

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It also works with matchmaking services to offer an extra layer to dating.