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I don't mind, it's just easier this way :)Some puppies have their pigment filled in at 2 weeks, some at 4 weeks, some at 4 months and by a year old it should be done, but even then you have your exceptions and we provided that here with the photos of "Olive".I used different color dogs and different amounts and areas, so people get an idea.Pippa is an ALL STAR Frenchie bred by All Star, born at our Vet and raised until she went home to live with her new parents.The video was made to support Johns Omaze campaign. We will not be answering inquires about FUTURE unborn puppies at this time, sorry.

You will NOT hear back from them if it is a scam because obviously they do not have the puppy. If you see anything that has to do with advertising dogs anywhere on the WEB, whether photos, writing, whatever...

Our website is linked on dog sites and different places around the web, it's how the Internet works due to search engines, but as far as us advertising a specific puppy or dog as Available anywhere, NEVER!!! Scroll down on this Page to see ADOPTION PROCESS... Scammers are stealing pictures all the time, not just Frenchies, but many breeds!!!

The one and ONLY email to inquire about our babies is listed on this website and has been the same for almost a decade. Look at our *SCAM ALERT* page to see how they have stolen our photos along with other breeders, including photos of our FRENCHIE FAMILIES who have adopted babies from us.

Check out the """CLICK HERE FOR PIGMENT ANIMATION""" I made to show samples of the have a new baby in your home the 2nd -3rd week in December 2017.

We are looking for the RIGHT HOMES for our babies, not just ANY HOME so please understand that when you send in your Application/Questionnaire.

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No more having to answer the same question, now you can see for yourself. there are 7 dogs total, the logo will flip continuously.

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