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Posted by / 11-Apr-2017 09:15

The security flaw, spotted by researchers at i SEC Partners, has been fixed with a firmware update pushed to affected sets, Samsung told CNN Money, but renews questions about the inherent safety of home appliances and the so-called “internet of things” as ubiquitous connectivity becomes commonplace.

"We are working to build additonal restrictions to prevent this from happening in the future." Amazon has contacted the customer and apologized.

For Snapchat though this is most likely a minor concern (if a consideration at all) with the company still seeking new ways to monetize its potentially lucrative 100 million-strong userbase of young consumers.

So far the company has been hamstrung by the lack of information it retains on its users, preventing it from selling the sort of expensive targeted ads favoured by Google and Facebook.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Samsung has patched a smart TV bug that allowed hackers to remotely activate the integrated webcam and spy on viewers in their living rooms, as well as redirect the onboard browser to a compromised webpage.

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