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In addition to eliminating Intimate Encounters entirely, they are also only going to allow members to messages singles who are 14 years their senior or junior.The accounts of those who do not comply will be deleted.

The £450million handed out in seniority pay and inducements for hitting tick-box targets, which doctors say waste their time, will instead be given to GPs to invest in patient care and prevent unnecessary admissions to A&E.

This will help to reduce long-term pressures on our A&E services, give real choice to hard-working people, and drive up GPs’ standards.’Patients who join a practice a long distance away will not be eligible for home visits, but the local GP commissioning groups, and NHS England which oversees them, will work on a system over the next year to ensure these patients can have visits if they become too ill to attend a surgery.

From April, Britain’s four million over-75s will have a personal doctor to oversee their care and telephone consultations day and night.

The game entered a closed beta period on February 20, 2015.

On Monday, POF founder, Markus Frind, announced to members that the site will be undergoing some major changes.

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Richard Vautrey, a family doctor in Leeds and deputy chairman of the British Medical Association’s GP committee, said catchment areas would continue, except for ‘a different type of patient who can register in any practice anywhere’.

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