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But at four years old, Erica began saying that she missed her birth mother. " Candis genuinely didn't know, so she started looking online, and found an organization called that helps parents look into the origins of their adopted Chinese children. Stuy, a father of three adopted daughters and the founder of Research China, looked at Erica's documentation and gave Candis bad news: there seemed to be a good chance that Erica's adoption was connected to a kidnapping scandal in Hunan province. Looking at the numbers of adoptions coming from Erica's orphanage, the Qujiang Social Welfare Institute, in Shaoguan's Qujiang district, Stuy saw that adoptions dropped precipitously after news of the scandal broke and the government moved in to shut the trafficking down -- a sign that the orphanage had been involved. * * * In the Shanxi city of Taiyuan, Liu Liqin was searching, too.The first week after Jingjun's kidnapping, he and his wife barely slept.

But the problem is a lot more serious than most people know, as I have come to learn over the last few years.Liu and his wife had an older daughter, but their son was gone.They could not have any additional children; local family planning officials had asked Liu to undergo sterilization surgery after Jingjun's birth.The little boy is listed on dozens of missing children websites (non-profit sites run by parents and volunteers and funded mostly via donations), and his face is plastered on banners and posters that Liu and his family post around Taiyuan and other cities where their search leads them.When they hear about traffickers being arrested on television, Liqin often travels to wherever the men were arrested to speak with local police and see if he can find news about Jingjun.

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