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[Twitter responses to Cam Newton’s remarks] Nearly 40 years ago, veteran journalist Melissa Ludtke successfully sued Major League Baseball for the right to be allowed into baseball clubhouses like her male counterparts.

She heard Newton’s comment this week, that familiar tone, and was disheartened.

As a reporter with the Boston Globe, Visser was first assigned to cover the New England Patriots more than four decades ago, before female reporters were even allowed in locker rooms.

She was at the forefront of a generation of women who challenged team and league rules, fought for access and fair treatment. The bigger picture is society has really come around to understanding that Cam Newton was in the wrong.

Newton's response was out of line" and "we ask for a formal apology to Jourdan Rodrigue from Mr.

In 1978, Ludtke squared off against the teams, the league, even her fellow journalists just for the right to do her job.

“In the 1970s, when we faced this, we never had people who had our backs,” she said.

I think it's my job," and others agreed: Newton's remarks promptly propelled his name into the top online trends, with many commenters calling his words sexist.

"Hey, Cam Newton, it's not that hard to talk about football," Jenny Vrentas writes for colleagues) calls them "inexcusable"; and the Association for Women in Sports Media notes it's "very discouraged," per the Bleacher Report.

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In many ways, Newton’s remarks felt like they came from a different time and place. That’s really a huge leap from where I started, where there wasn’t even a ladies’ room.” Cindy Boren contributed to this report.