Error before updating scaffolding from new db

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Error before updating scaffolding from new db

GORM is a powerful tool in the Grails framework, and can even be used standalone outside of a Grails project.

It supports relational databases (via Hibernate) as well as Mongo Db, Neo4j, Redis and Cassandra datasources.

If you download it from the Grails Application Forge, the Grails Wrapper is included too. It will be downloaded automatically when using the the Gradle Wrapper ( Typically an object-oriented MVC framework requires the developer to configure which classes correspond to each of the three categories above.

However, Grails goes farther than most frameworks by following a "Convention over Configuration" approach to development.

Application Context Command Registry (Use --stacktrace to see the full trace) | Error Error occurred loading commands: commands.

Application Context Command Registry (Use --stacktrace to see the full trace) * package-plugin - Packages the plugin into a JAR file * publish-plugin - Publishes the plugin to the Grails central repository * help - Prints help information for a specific command * open - Opens a file in the project * gradle - Allows running of Gradle tasks * clean - Cleans a Grails application's compiled sources * compile - Compiles a Grails application * create-command - Creates an Application Command * create-domain-class - Creates a Domain Class * create-service - Creates a Service * create-unit-test - Creates a unit test * install - Installs a Grails application or plugin into the local Maven cache * assemble - Creates a JAR or WAR archive for production deployment * bug-report - Creates a zip file that can be attached to issue reports for the current project * console - Runs the Grails interactive console * create-script - Creates a Grails script * dependency-report - Prints out the Grails application's dependencies * list-plugins - Lists available plugins from the Plugin Repository * plugin-info - Prints information about the given plugin * run-app - Runs a Grails application * run-command - Executes Grails commands * run-script - Executes Groovy scripts in a Grails context * shell - Runs the Grails interactive shell * stats - Prints statistics about the project * stop-app - Stops the running Grails application * test-app - Runs the applications tests Provided Features: -------------------- * asset-pipeline - Adds Asset Pipeline to a Grails project * hibernate4 - Adds GORM for Hibernate 4 to the project * hibernate5 - Adds GORM for Hibernate 5 to the project * json-views - Adds support for JSON Views to the project * less-asset-pipeline - Adds LESS Transpiler Asset Pipeline to a Grails project * markup-views - Adds support for Markup Views to the project * mongodb - Adds GORM for Mongo DB to the project * neo4j - Adds GORM for Neo4j to the project * rx-mongodb - Adds Rx GORM for Mongo DB to the project * asset-pipeline-plugin - Adds Asset Pipeline to a Grails Plugin for packaging Thanks to the Grails Wrapper, as of Grails version 3.2.3 or later, you can run any Grails command without having Grails installed. Just as with Grails itself, there’s no need to install Gradle on your machine.

This will be sufficient for our purposes in this guide, however, you can easily change this to a local database instance by configuring your own datasource. Right now we don’t have any controllers or views set up to play with our domain model.

Typically, a controller action will receive a request, obtain some data (optionally using parameters or a body of the request, if present), and render the result to the browser (e.g, as a webpage).Let’s create a few instances of our three domain classes.By default, Grails configures an in-memory H2 database, which is dropped and recreated every time the app is restarted.In addition, we’d like to have the ability to edit existing instances and even delete them.Normally all this functionality would require a lot of coding, but Grails gives us a headstart with scaffolding.

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We don’t have any need for logic in this particular action just yet, but we would like it to render a page.

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