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Erotic chat forum

Along with that, punishment for them (should they have the chance to get punished) is the same, and I believe both think they'll experience it the same.If one side isn't up for the punishment, (s)he'll believe the other side isn't aswell, so (s)he won't tell anything to anyone and whatever they do keeps private and nobody else has to know.Also keep it in private channels, public cybering will get you banned.What's also very strange to me is that people don't seem to care in any way who is behind the keyboard... People who engage each other in Cybering and both actively contribute to it, both accept it and agree to it.A faint sense of danger which gets erased by a sort of familiar feeling of safety of being with a person who is like you.

There is actually a difference between ERP and Cybering/Goldshire: The former is part of a character's plot for people who want to do that rather than fade to black. The latter is just cyber s(beep) for the sake of 'getting off'. Some interesting replies here and it's nice to see it hasn't turned into an argument! The strange thing though, was that 99% of the players were stood still/sat down, with nobody chatting publicly.

Thus, there's no need for that much realism, also taking into account that this virtual and literal playground has no bounds, so even the most extreme and unrealistic fantasies can be acted out.

I personally find it quite fascinating, the sober and open ways that ERPers/Cyberers have to deal with other, similiar people and (extreme) controversial subjects, as if they are as normal to talk about as politics.

Cybering is just sex with strangers in Goldshire, no build up and no thought put into the characters themselves.

While I don't really care about other people doing stuff, you do need to keep in mind that by not knowing who's behind the keyboard, you -could- be cybering with someone underage, and that really isn't on at all, I mean this -is- a 12 game, if you wanna do it, make sure you know who you're playing with.

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