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Previously, cases tended to be sporadic and associated with mild, non-specific symptoms.Prior outbreaks occurred in Yap Island in Micronesia in 2007, the first time Zika arose outside of Africa and Asia, and in French Polynesia in 2013.Silber said the surviving embryos won’t be destroyed.“It’s not unrealistic to think there could be treatments for such embryos based on current or future research,” he said.Other single-gene diseases that can be screened for – and eliminated – include cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, sickle cell anemia and Tay-Sachs disease.The technology doesn’t come cheap and isn’t covered by health insurance. Not everyone is comfortable with technology that allows genetic screening of embryos. Stephen Lefrak agrees that screening for disease falls within the ethical realm of medicine.Embryos free of Marfan syndrome were implanted into her mother. Some of the disorder’s physical characteristics are benign, such as being exceptionally tall, lean and loose-jointed.

She learned when she was 6 that the disorder ran in her family, on her father’s side.“We’re just lucky to have the technology to pre-diagnose Marfan’s so we can reduce the risk of passing it on to a baby,” David Torrens said. Six other embryos came back with inconclusive test results requiring additional testing with a procedure called blastomere biopsy.The couple live in Monticello, Ill., about 160 miles northeast of St. To test for Marfan syndrome, Silber, the local fertility To test for Marfan syndrome, Silber, the local fertility specialist, performed “polar body” analysis on 13 fertilized eggs. Of the six, only three were still developing by the third day.Three unaffected embryos were implanted into Clark in the hope that at least one would develop. Two other embryos – both with the disorder – were frozen.The rest of the 13 embryos failed to develop normally, which is not an unusual number.

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Genetic screening for Marfan’s is done indirectly because no single test exists to screen for it.