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[Read: Guide: How to auto connect to Open VPN on Windows 10] To get started head over to the Tor Project and download the latest stable version for windows 10.The organization is constantly releasing new versions and updating to fix bugs and user issues.♦ Money back guarantee - Sign Up Now As the Tor Browser installation prompt appears, pick a directory to store the program.It can easily be installed in a drive of your choice (i.e. I chose to install it on a 2 GB USB drive which allows for greater portability and anonymity on any computer.

The Tor Browser relies on a series of relays to encrypt and pass along information, in a nearly untraceable chain of virtual volunteers.

The Tor button, to the left of the address bar, also allows for the quick adjustment of what plugins and applications Tor will allow to run without your expressed permission.

You’ll also find an option to switch to a new identity/new IP address and generate a new Tor circuit for the currently active tab.

The best way to get around this is to use a bridge.

This will allow an individual to move around these blocks and access the Tor servers through lesser known channels.

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Tor can be used to go around internet controls, maintain private correspondence, and access private online markets.

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