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(Yale, 2017), and I was excited to get it, because most of my research is also about early states, albeit a small group of early states that are, in the grand scheme of things, small potatoes.

Nevertheless, I was happy to see in the index that my little corner of archaeology is mentioned in the book. Callimachus might have been; my title comes from his dictum μέγα βιβλίον μέγα κακόν, better translated “a big book is a great evil” (fr. But such books do need to be carefully researched and vetted by experts, especially if arguments are meant to be supported by historical and archaeological evidence.

3 Referentes de las COPRETI Misiones, Salta y Jujuy (Comisión Provincial para la Erradicación del Trabajo infantil, Ministerio de Trabajo de las Provincias). type=document&id=4905 Experiencias que inspiran: Un día, mientras mi hija la menor estaba en la Escuela, estábamos en el rozado con mi hijo, el mayor.

IMPORTANTE: Se extiende este documento a modo de síntesis del Concurso. En ese entonces, yo alternaba los días de ir a la Escuela, la nena iba un día y el varón otro. Fuimos trabajadores infantiles y por eso creemos que llegamos a ser quienes somos.

“Under bureaucratic pressure to increase yield, the peasantry would despair and move away to fend for themselves, leaving the palace-dominated territory depopulated, much as the archaeological evidence suggests,” Cunliffe writes. Otherwise there would be no point in invoking the Mycenaeans or citing Cunliffe; you could just assert it, probably with some adverb like “surely” or “no doubt” that would set off the BS alarm bells in my brain.

But if you’re going to claim that your work is empirical, then you need to be right, or at least, you need to be up-to-date.

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