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Season one focuses on three hard-partying friends just out of college.

Blake (Blake Anderson), Adam (Adam De Vine) and Anders (Anders Holm), live together and work as telemarketers, but their jobs always take a back seat to their debauchery.

That’s always a good way to win an argument – “but it’s for the kids, honey,” or “don’t you want this for the kids? Well, here’s this radical idea I’m going to try: I’m going to put the kids down tonight. And I’m going to say, “You are killing me with this work thing at this moment, my love.” And then we will talk about it. How I know he is doing great things, and making great strides forward. Not that we miss having him around to help (though that is part of it), but that we just miss having him there. And then I’m going to tell him that I know he has a lot happening at work, but there is a lot happening here, too.

” – but that’s a very underhanded way to win an argument. But that leaves me at this new stage in our relationship. And besides, I do his laundry, and you should always keep the laundress happy… Because love is found in all aspects of a marriage, including the stressful aspects.

October 10, 2017Have your volunteers logged 150 hours in this challenge?


Highlights include: the guys camp out at their office, and they go on strike for better benefits.

is turning that idea into a television show with 2018's "Swipe Right" starring Carly Craig, from "American Housewife," Deadline reports.

I don't know if they'll have speaking parts or are just there as props. Lol @ them filming the show in their own house to lower production costs and then they state in an interview halfway through season 1 how annoying it is to have cameras all over them where they're trying to live everyday.

But he has only made it to a few of them, not nearly as many as I had hoped. But what about those times when it doesn’t count, and it would just be nice if he were there? Chris has always been a hard worker, and sometimes I have had to wait. He’d come home and I’d yell at him for those precious few minutes we had together, and then he’d head back up to school or work again, and I would feel even worse. Yelling isn’t the solution because this isn’t necessarily something that is Chris’s fault. That’s not something to blame him for, and yelling or fighting about it isn’t the right solution. The problem is that a lot of couples give up trying to find the right communication style. While Chris and I have always been direct in our communication, it is the presentation of the communication that we need to work on.

But he shows up when I directly ask him (like the week that Bean was scared), so how can I say that he isn’t doing enough? Yelling or fighting is rarely a solution to anything, really. When we became new parents, I changed my approach and went with the kids. One has worked for so long that it seems ridiculous to change things now. How do we talk to each other now when there is a problem? How I love the example he is setting for the kids, and even for me.

The actor/character works out a bit, but is most definitely NOT a bodybuilder.

In the commercial for the upcoming episode, I recognize Mike O'Hearn as one of the other competitors.

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One of the things that I love most about Chris is his work ethic.

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