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Dating the time of origin of major clades

Our analyses provide estimates of divergence times for the major groups of passerines, which can be used as secondary calibration points in future molecular studies.

Our analysis takes recent paleontological and geological findings into account and provides the best estimate of the passerine evolutionary time-scale currently available.

The avian Order Passeriformes is an enormously species-rich group, which comprises almost 60% of all living bird species.

This diverse order is believed to have originated before the break-up of Gondwana in the late Cretaceous.

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This time-scale provides a temporal framework for further biogeographical, ecological, and co-evolutionary studies of the largest bird radiation, and adds to the growing support for a Cretaceous origin of Passeriformes.

A well-resolved, robustly supported consensus tree (MPTs = 360) found a monophyletic Archosauria consisting of two major branches, the crocodylian-line and avian-line lineages.

Removing the root calibration for the New Zealand–Antarctica vicariance event (85–52 Mya) dramatically increases the 95% credibility intervals and leads to unrealistically old age estimates.

We assess the individual characteristics of the seven nuclear genes analyzed in our study.

Archosaurs have a nearly 250 million year record that originated shortly after the Permian-Triassic extinction event and is continued today by two extant clades, the crocodylians and the avians.

The two extant lineages exemplify two bauplan extremes among a diverse and complex evolutionary history, but little is known about the common ancestor of these lineages.

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A time-calibrated phylogeny of Archosauriformes indicates that the origin and initial diversification of Archosauria occurred during the early Triassic following the Permian-Triassic extinction.

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