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Council members will have another tool to make sure Local Construct’s project meets what they have in mind.

The council will have to approve the company’s conceptual plan.

They include extending 29th Street, which today stops at Main Street, south through the property to Fairview Avenue.

The city will own the ground under the street, even though Local Construct has to pay to build it, said Jay Story, a consultant working as West End Project Coordinator for Boise and its urban renewal agency, Capital City Development Corporation.

The requirements, approved last week, are unusual, but they largely conform to Local Construct’s vision for a mixture of residential and retail space on the West End property.

Hells Gate State Park was once the site of a Nez Perce Village.

Little is left of the village, but depressions south of the campground are the remnants of pit houses used for years by the Nez Perce as they fished for lamprey near Astoin Creek.

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Local Construct’s task now is to make its project in Boise’s West End a profitable venture and, perhaps, a catalyst for the area’s long-awaited renaissance, said Mike Brown, co-founder of the Los Angeles-based development company.

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The reason behind this agreement, which will reduce the amount of land Local Construct owns from 6.5 acres to 5.7 acres, is that Boise’s leaders want to make sure they can build the road if Local Construct fails to, Story said.