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Dating sexy youporn

Das ändert sich jetzt: Denn Diesel bringt eine Anzeigenkampagne zur neuen Unterwäschekollektion auf Pornhub und Youtube an den Start.

“This is where people are now, we live on our phones. Tinder, Grindr and Pornhub might appear a little left field but it's Diesel, we can do it, we're not scared of these places, we're not high fashion, we are street.” Diesel is rebranding other aspects of its digital ads as well."Das ist der Ort, wo die Menschen gerade sind, wir leben auf unseren Smartphones.Und ich will die Leute da abholen, wo sie sich befinden.The second largest porn site on the web, You Porn, was kind enough to furnish us with some real-world facts and figures.You’ll be glad (or scared) to know that the estimated Double Click Ad Planner figures are actually quite a lot lower than reality.

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