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Dating psychosis

Getting expert advice can be helpful as it can sometimes be difficult to decide whether this is the right diagnosis or not.For example, hearing voices – in itself – is not indicative of any mental health problem.

It is a positive sense of well-being and underlying belief in our own and other’s dignity and worth” – Health Education Authority This definition underlines the complexity of what we describe as states of ‘mental health’ and ‘mental ill health’.

If a psychosis has continued for a long time, it may be referred to as ‘chronic psychosis’.

What is often viewed as psychosis can be seen in different ways by different cultural groups and spiritual traditions.

The label ‘psychosis’ should only used when these experiences are severe and frequent enough to cause distress or affect the person’s life.

If someone is very overwhelmed they may be said to have ‘acute psychosis’, especially if the problems have developed recently.

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problems sleeping, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed). If you think you may have psychosis, getting effective help early is likely to give you the best chance of feeling better quickly. In physical illness diagnoses often explain the cause of the symptoms eg.