Dating phycho

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Initially she was happy for him to stay with us, but then when he arrived, she took an instant dislike, and banned him from the house.

Being social is great, but when she goes from one face in front of your friends to another at home, she may not be the best person you want to take for a visit to your mom or even to your dog for that matter! That’s fine, why be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you. A month later she shows up at my door claiming to be pregnant.I call bullshit (for a number of reasons), but mostly because she refuses to take a pregnancy test. She was pissed, started throwing a temper tantrum just moments after me finding out my brother might actually die. All this while yelling “I work hard every fucking day and this is what I get?When I stop returning her calls or opening the door for her she calls my mother in the middle of the night screaming about her pregnancy. A week goes by with nothing, then I get a knock at the door from two uniformed police officers. I settled her down and told her I’d take her another time. ” She didn’t have a job and didn’t do anything around the house, so that should give you an idea of what she was like.“I’d married an American girl, and moved to the States.Contrary to the popular belief, as a man, you are allowed to have girls and guys that are your best buddies!When you go out and she gives you a guilt trip or she starts fights with your friends because she is jealous, she has control issues that will only grow worse over time.

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While not the craziest trait, when she is dramatic about everything, she may be a psycho in the making!