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In 1922-23 the Long-Bell Lumber Company, under the leadership of Mr. Long, conceived and started building the "Planned City" of Longview. In 1953 the Library was extensively remodeled to make more use of the lower floor for library collections.

During the early years of the Lower Columbia Junior College many of the classes were held in the Library and it was the center of the college until the Main Building was built in 1950.

As the Library looks forward to the 21st century plans are being made to bring it up to date for handicap access and for earthquake, fire, and electrical safety and again to enlarge the building to accommodate the information explosion and to accommodate present and future technological growth.

The pictures on this page and other historical pictures are from the Mark Morris Collection housed in the Longview Room.

Checks should be made payable to the City of Longview and mailed to: City of Longview, B & O Tax Desk, P. A printable B&O Tax form is available here, please select the from one of these two versions, and print the document before completing and mailing with your remittance.

Please be sure to include the license number, business name, and quarter of the return you are remitting. The City has attempted to make its B & O tax form as simple as possible.

All businesses operating in the City of Longview, except those specifically exempted by State law or by the Longview Municipal Code, must pay Business and Occupation (B & O) taxes.

B & O Tax Classifications and Tax Rates For business and occupations taxing purposes, the City of Longview has divided business activities into six classifications: 1. The Library was dedicated April 26, 1926 with much fanfare and speeches by Mr. Henry Suzzalo, president of the University of Washington. The original building was designed by architect Arch Torbitt in the Georgian style to match the grand design for the Civic Center that had been proposed in 1926. A local book drive helped gather book donations to create the original collection, and the Longs contributed an additional ,000 to purchase new titles.Extracting The extracting tax rate is based on the value of products, including by-products, extracted within the city for sale or for commercial or industrial use.Taxes are assessed at 1/10 of 1% or .001 times the value of the extracted products, determined by the selling price, regardless of the place of sale or the fact that deliveries may be made to points outside the City.

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The room is open Wednesday afternoons from 3 to 5 and at other times by appointment.