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He also finds it hard to ask strangers for help in public for fear of being looked down on.

That's always been clear from the start." As she is upfront about her disability, she believes it has not been her main challenge in finding a partner.

Her condition also limits where she can go on dates.

"I always have to find a location that is wheelchair- accessible, especially if we go out at night.

But when it comes to their own children, there's a 'not in my backyard' mentality," he says.

"Generally, society is still quite narrow-minded when it comes to people with disabilities - for example, parents thinking we're unable to support their daughters." He did finally find true love, though, when he met Ms Sharon Tan, a 44-year-old post-natal therapist, on dating website His wife, who is able-bodied, says she was drawn to his looks after seeing his profile photo, as well as his optimism and self-sufficiency.

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For example, it's harder to find wheelchair-accessible toilets at night.

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