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Creative dating ideas teenagers

Share a pizza at the arcade's restaurant and then go burn off calories.Ride on the virtual racing cars and race against each other.Or, head to the costume store and try on funny hats and masks to make your date giggle.Find a bookstore and get to know your date better by the books and magazines he finds interesting.Additionally, you could turn the date into a scavenger hunt and scope out specific items in the mall.If the weather permits, hit the local beach and spend the afternoon soaking up the sun.Embark on a seashell hunt and give your date the most interesting or prettiest seashell you can find.

Grab your surfboards and hit the waves to introduce your date to the world of surfing, or set up a net and toss a beach ball back and forth.

Sample some chocolate candy at a candy store and pick out the largest lollipop to purchase for your date.

Scope out the mall's photo booth and take a series of silly pictures together.

Pretend you've hit the jackpot in Las Vegas at games that resemble slot machines.

If you're skilled at a particular game, give your date a few pointers to playing.

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Surprise your date with a fun-filled day of adventures and activities that you'll both spend endless hours doing together.

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