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You are more likely to share if you can decide when and how quickly to share. Try to understand what your partner is saying--what s/he means.Put your understanding of what you heard in your own words and say it back to the speaker to see if you accurately received the message sent. " A word of caution: Marriage enrichment is not the same as marriage counseling.In this kind of society, most of us just take from our marriage--very few of us feed it. Marriage ought to foster the growth of authentic love between man and woman.So we shouldn't be surprised at the 40 percent divorce rate for first marrieds today. This love should evolve as a mixture of greater humanness between the partners (also called friendship) and a meaningful sexual relationship, based on respect, trust and compassion.The same ways of relating and behaving may persist, unchallenged and unchanged, for years.The behavior will continue long after it has ceased to produce delight, zest or growth.Provide positive feedback and avoid "constructive" criticism. Whenever either partner feels like s/he does not want to continue the discussion, s/he may say "time-out." You each agree to take a break or change the subject without asking why the other does not wish to continue.

What can married couples do to keep their marriage satisfactory for both partners? When it is taken for granted, vitality can disappear from the relationship.There, late in the evening at the low point of our energy, we pick up with our marriage.Then we ask it to "recharge" us enough so that the next morning we can again return to the work-world at our best. Yet, modern men and women who are intelligent, articulate, efficient and successful in work, obviously can do better in the most personal of all relationships--marriage.The sculptor confronts a heap of clay, imagines a pleasing form, and sets about creating a structure.The sculptor may create several approximations before creating one that will "work." The couple can likewise recreate, reframe, or renew a relationship, but it is a difficult venture.

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A commitment on the part of each of you to try a program together may keep you going when you get busy or feel a little afraid and are tempted to quit.

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