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We were much more tuned in to each other than when we'd left.

Date 2: Going Back in Time I decided it might be fun to head to the birthplace of our romance.

When was the last time you said on Thursday, "Wasn't that a great movie last Saturday?

Instead, all of our senses had been stimulated, especially our sense of touch—so much hand holding turned into arm holding turned into shoulder bumping…well, you get the rest.

Then, my excitement afterward reminded him of the "spark plug" he fell in love with.

As for me, I never would have attempted it without him, and it reminded me of how often I rely on him, and the fact that he always holds me up. Each time we tried something (the fencing was next) we came away amused at ourselves and at the situation.

Well, OK, it was really around the sternum, and he was wearing protective clothing. Fencing is about the furthest thing from what we'd normally do, but after 21 years of marriage, we were looking for ways to "bring novelty" into our relationship.

Recent studies have shown that having a regular date night is not enough to get couples out of their non-romantic ruts.

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I was shocked that the experiment was working, and perhaps the most unexpected part was that as we let friends know about our new dating plan, people loved hearing about our adventures.

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