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Hey i keep trying to login to my acount on relic / coh , but it keeps askin for the OF CD , which i dont hav. With the Gold/Anthology edition I got 2 product keys - one on the back of the enclosed OF manual and one on the back of the enclosed To V manual. Now, when I try to play offline (which is about 50% of my gaming time), the game prompts me to insert the disk to validate.I only have the TOV disk , when i click OK and it searches for the disk it says wrong disk. However, the only disk that will validate is my very first original Co H disk (as, I suspect, it is the 'main' product associated with my account).The next chapter in the groundbreaking real-time strategy franchise from critically acclaimed studio Relic Entertainment.This standalone game features two unique armies with full length campaigns.Ive had no reply as of yet, but I will let you know if anything comes to light... They have deleted the specified key from my account.They did also mention that I may have to reinstall using the anthology edition - this was not the case.

Battle online with these two all-new armies and a total of four playable armies - allowing players to wage the ultimate war for Fortress Europe. it's almost Christmas time again and that means a new Christmas contest that I'm going to hold this year like I do every year since 2014 when the group was made.

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Highest Rated (9 agree) 9/10 This is more than Command & Conquer and Star Craft "Get the resources, build a shit-load of units and steam-roll your enemy" style of game. I do like to play a 15-20min game with no "consequence" for loosing or wining, from time to time.

it's been fine for the last year since I bought it, the problem started yesterday.

I've not changed anything on my OS or on steam...

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