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As a psychology and counseling major, I’ve heard the term “self-esteem” quite a bit.It’s thrown around frequently, and while there is truth to it, I like the term “self-worth” a whole lot better. When we don’t feel good about ourselves, it is more of a issue than one of esteem for ourselves. I’m not sure how many married couples would explain their marriage as “happily ever after.” Not that all marriages are bad, by no means! stops showing up to little Jimmy’s games as he sits and watches his computer screen for hours on end. has gotten into “harmless” romance novels and no longer has the desire for sex, or Mr. One growing difficulty in many marriages is the issue of pornography. is greeted by a naked image of another woman as she turns on the computer screen or until the Mr.Before porn is revealed in a marriage, it can wrap its claws around the aspect of one’s life and cause detrimental harm.Proverbs says, “The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.” Being trustworthy means honesty with your spouse.

While the struggle with porn is far greater than what the wife may think, the issue of self-worth is still there. He has healed us from comparing or being fearful of comparison.In my own experience, and in talking to numerous other wives who have been through this, the question rolling through our minds is “Am I not good enough?” If we know our husbands are looking at other women, it must mean that they don’t think we are enough for them.It can be covered, dyed, washed, and cleaned, but it will always still be there. It will steal from the intimacy that a married couple has the opportunity to be blessed with. Jesus is pretty clear, and you know He already knew about the sin of pornography before it ever came into existence (though I suspect they already had forms of it during this time period). These are just five ways that porn will hurt your marriage and unfortunately, there are hundreds more. Her goal is to reach out to as many married couples as she can in order to restore marriages and allow God to work through her writing. Porn will take sex that a married couple has and completely strip away all holiness and intimacy that it once had. He knew the easy accessibility that the Internet would someday bring.

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