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Chat with sexy girls fir free no sign up private

One of the biggest problems with decking your girlfriend in the face is that it sends the wrong message.By expending so much physical effort on a frail little female, you’re implying that you view her as a You wouldn’t try to kill an ant with an eighteen wheeler, so why would you treat your girlfriend like she’s a drunk biker at the bar trying to glass you?Females are infinitely malleable, and with time and effort, you can mold any girl into precisely what you want. The flip side of feminine masochism is masculine sadism; yin and yang.The reason why men want big dicks, for example, isn’t because they want to impress girls or please them, but because they want to When it comes to spanking, most girls will top from the bottom; you strip her of this power by whipping her harder and longer than she wants.

A YOUNG SERGEANT is at the wheel, an ADJUTANT beside him, and in the rear are GENERAL WAVERLY and GENERAL CARLTON. General Carlton, on the other hand, is stiff, clean and fresh from the Pentagon. GENERAL CARLTON (To Adjutant) What's this all about, Colonel?

No girl wants her private life to become public knowledge, meaning that unless you’re a complete idiot, she will endure just about any humiliation you inflict on her.

For that matter, even if she report you to the police, they’d never take her seriously, which will further embarrass her.

Only when she is forced to directly confront the consequences of her actions will she grow as a woman.

Psychological domination is necessary but not sufficient: a good spanking will bring even the most rebellious shrew into line.

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