Carry walter dating scam Adult nude cam chat

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Carry walter dating scam

I am a 27 professional woman, 5'8'', light skin, passionate lover and lots of stamina left, the world is my country and peace, justice, equality and fairness are the symbols of my sky blue, black, and starry flag. I can spoil you and adore you but I am strong and I know when I should stay and when I should go. pretend to come from: USA/Queens County/New York birth: 1977-04-01 height/weight: 175cm/63kg email: [email protected]: 2007-05-18 pretend to come from: USA/New York birth: 1979-03-05 height/weight: 175cm/61kg email: [email protected]: 2007-05-24 My name is audery from usa... My wish for you is that you could feel all the passion and love that I carry around in my heart and soul for you. You and I have an amazing relationship, but as it goes on I wonder which is it... I have fallen in love with you and don't know how to tell you... I stay busy and am interested in a good man that is the ideal match for me.

I am a lady who knows how to treat a man like a charming prince.I would like to meet a nice man with whom I could feel happy and comfortable and who will be my best friend and faithful life-partner for the rest of my life.I am ready to be a good wife for him and to give all my love to him till the end of the road.Coz i was been brought up from a well religious family.I am a lady believe who so much believe in god and also a lady who have God's fear in her.

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I love kids, I love dancing (Its part of my life) I am all for cuddling and hugging and holding each other as much as possible. I love to be hugged from behind when I'm cooking in the kitchen.