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Candy dating site

They must have developed their love for Milky Ways with all that staring up into the night skies.Maryland consumes over 38,000 pounds of Milky Way bars around Halloween.

Home of beautiful mountains, and of course potatoes, Idahoans love their candy corn for Halloween. Illinois’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. #1 and #2 from last year switched spots and the #3 Halloween candy is all new in the top 3. The house from the classic American Gothic painting is in Iowa.While Milky Ways are the reigning champ from last year as well, there is a new #3 in Maryland.Blow Pops have overtaken Skittles for the 3-spot of most popular Halloween Candy.This is even more fitting when you consider the vast acres of national and state parks in the state. Hershey’s Kisses has fallen from the top spot and made way for a new champion of the Pacific Island.If you find yourself in Arkansas for Halloween, double down on Jolly Ranchers. California’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. It’s no surprise that the people of this gorgeous island want to taste the rainbow.

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  1. “I’ve worked on the beaches for 21 years, and this has never happened before.” From Barbados to Belize, Cancun to Tulum, a brown seaweed known as sargassum has invaded the Caribbean basin this year.