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2) You Cam To give your selfie its full potential, You Cam offers digital makeovers with flattering filters, one-touch makeovers (from neutral to bold makeup), and a fully equipped hairstyle studio with the trendiest cut and color options.

Try on looks created with top sellers from Laura Geller, Elizabeth Arden, and Ardell then easily snatch up the products to look just as good IRL.

Playboy: This app does not feature nude photos, but it contains plenty of adult content like racy stories, dirty jokes, and nearly nude photos and wallpapers.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2010: It's just pictures and videos of scantily-clad women in bikinis, but that was enough to get plenty of other apps pulled from the App Store.

A survey we did of some commonly-used French textbooks from the last 40 years showed that they’re pretty much all the same, including in some respects that frustrate nearly everyone.

For example: let’s say you want to get a feel for the big picture of how verbs work. It’s scattered all over the place, sometimes without introduction or hiding under names like “ Finally, though, we settled on this one.

There's still plenty of porn on i Tunes, even without apps, Sascha Segan writes.

For serious shoppers, there's also an option to virtually try on the makeup by using your device's camera as a mirror—so you can be sure your new lip look is exactly how you imagined it, before purchasing.

I think this guy has just the right amount of amazement with the absurdity of his predicament, shaking a fist at the book or the sky or the universe, crying out in the frustration of wanting to know how French works.

1) Glam Scout The next time you go gaga over a gorgeous lip or smoky shadow look in your favorite magazine, snap a photo and upload it to Glamscout.

Sex App Shop: You don't have to go through the i Tunes Store to get racy applications.

The Sex Apps Shop goes around Apple's censors and can let you download XXX-rated apps that look just like regular apps.

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But here are the five best Apple either missed or chose to ignore. The answer is an arbitrary one if you're Apple, which last week reportedly removed more than 5,000 apps from the i Tunes Store containing keywords like "boobs" or "sexual content." The fact that an app like "Wobble i Boobs" was taken down seems silly when many other apps involving sex have stayed up.

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