Bridget regan craig horner dating 2016

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Bridget regan craig horner dating 2016

Craig Horner (born 24 January 1983) is an Australian actor and musician who first appeared in the Australian television program Cybergirl.He is best known for his role as Richard Cypher on the television series Legend of the Seeker.

Bridget Regan holds more than 73.8k followers on her Twitter. It appears that he has been training a lot because of his role it took some time to get ready.Due to the fact that he has been growing up in Australia he has spent a lot of time outdoors and this helped for his training because he was not completely unable to do things, so Craig Horner girlfriend should be content of his body the way that he has made it.Wiki answer even tells that she is currently dating a porn star Stacey Briana as questioned if she is a lesbian!Which can’t be true I suppose, and the other sources also said that she also is dating with her co-star James Stewart.

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Also, there were rumors about her personal life, she has been rumored for the divorce with her husband.