Black panthers intimidating voters in philadelphia ryan lochte dating caroline burckle

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Black panthers intimidating voters in philadelphia

(4) The decision of how to handle the controversy does provide a window into the shift between the Bush and Obama administrations over how to handle claims of voting rights violations against non-minority voters.

You may have noticed that guy with the cell phone who went inside and said he would be reporting them? As for “standing:” the election workers have standing in this matter, and could/should have presented themselves as witnesses. As Baby Boomer noted, the Matthew Shepherd case was one guy in a backwater part of a backwater state. Like or Dislike: So you think there is a racial component? These were black guys at a polling place in an almost entirely black precinct.

This was a tiny incident in a single polling place about which there was not proof of a single intimidated voter.

(2) Jonathan thought the decision to narrow the injunction after obtaining the default judgment did not make sense, but the OPR gives plausible reasons for why DOJ leadership did so—reasons about the scope of injunctions and First amendment rights which seem very strong to me as a teacher of Remedies.

New Hampshire MUST be anti-Semitic, because we don’t have very many Jews.

Now we MUST be racist, because we don’t have many blacks. Like or Dislike: So, Janis, despite the video, it was a “victimless crime?

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If you’d like to really pursue how the ejudication went down, here’s the link… Some folks are afraid of the elastic in their underwear.. There was nothing exceptional about it that merited federal attention — but it did. You think they were intimidating non-blacks, making this a racial thing? If two white dudes were hanging around a polling place in a white suburb looking mean and tough, would you describe the incident as having a “racial component?