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Bible verses dating different races

So how, you may be wondering, did Yahowah conclusively demonstrate that He authored the testimony known as the Torah, Prophets, and Psalms? By accurately reporting in our past what would happen in our future, and by committing these very specific prognostications to writing centuries prior to their fulfillment, Yahowah demonstrated that He is unconstrained by time.

It is much easier for them to examine evidence logically than it is for those plagued by religious beliefs. At best I’m a flawed implement, a dented, dull, and misshapen tool.Taken collectively, the odds of lucky guesses as opposed to absolute knowledge underpinning the prophecies in the Torah, Prophets, and Psalms is more akin to playing a thousand, million-to-one lottery jackpots in a row, and never once failing to win.Yahowah is so confident regarding His predictions He says that we are free to reject Him should we find a single error.And in the process, He proves that He authored the testimony we are going to consider.He did this in the best possible way – at least considering that His prime objective is for us to choose to get to know Him and then to elect to develop a personal, family-oriented relationship with Him. And that means that God cannot make the choice to ignore Him impossible, which any other form of proof of His existence and inspiration would do. And that is why this book of books will focus on God’s predictive statements.

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So while we will focus on God’s predictive testimony, do not assume that prophecy will completely monopolize our time.