Being an alpha male dating

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And that describes my dating experiences as a beta male. But, I bored them to death, acted like a friend, and then when they actually became my friend and dated more charming, funny, and masculine guys, I would lament that women love jerks.The very beta male definition means they don’t understand attraction, dating, or relationships.I would argue that many “nice guys” aren’t even that nice: constant passivity can turn into anger and passive-aggression very quickly. If you have been a “nice” pushover all these years, and it (obviously) hasn’t worked out for you, I highly recommend the book No More Mister Nice Guy (available in print and Kindle) by Robert Glover.

While the terms aren’t necessarily popular, you can use alpha, beta and omega.

I know a guy who only uses his Facebook page to promote others: musical artists, sports teams, and politicians. If you use most of your spare time to support someone else, such as always promoting a sports team, religion, musical group, etc., then odds are good you’re a beta.

Here are a few more beta male characteristics to help you better understand what betas are all about.

While it’s not fully verified by science, it is very observable.

In fact, as you read this article, you’ll likely see your friends and maybe yourself in the descriptions.

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A great book that describes this attitude (and helps passive guys start to develop assertiveness skills) is When I Say No I Feel Guilty. Beta males are, by definition, the followers of society.

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