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It's giving me time to think about things, organize things, and tackle them when I get home.

What did you learn from the "Real World" that you actually can bring to the real world? I guess coming in from a small town and only having the Army experience behind me, which was like living in a fraternity house ...

Conklin enlisted in the Army at age 17 after the events of Sept. Although he tries at first to keep quiet about his service ("I wanted them to get to know me for me," he says), the MTV series skillfully reveals him as a young man dedicated to his country.

He's also opposed to the war, and the series films him becoming involved with the activist group Iraq Veterans Against the War.

At the end of the day it's a TV show, so everything is edited in a certain way. Watching the episode, I'm like, damn, I don't even remember half of this conversation, I don't remember cracking my knuckles, it felt like watching somebody else.

That's really the only bumpy spot I saw on the show. Do you know where you're going and for how long? I think we should be somewhere in southeast Baghdad, from the rumor wheel that's going around right now.

Conklin seemed to fill the role of the sheltered, small-town guy who would bristle at his roommates's differences and show flashes of intolerance, before ultimately learning to be a better person. But while Conklin did provide a few early awkward moments (befuddled by Katelynn, who had not yet explained her gender status, he referred to her once as "it") he proved the warmest presence on the show: a good guy eager to absorb all New York has to offer, entertain his roommates with spoofy songs on his guitar, and go to school to study film. Late in the series (when it was shot in mid-November), we see Conklin talking on the phone with his brother, who grimly informs him that "you got the packet in the mail that you've been dreading." His brother tells him that he's been called back to Iraq through the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), a program that allows the Army to recall soldiers who have completed their tours of duty.

I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything right now.You talked on the show about being interested in film.Were there any opportunities that arose after being on the show that are now on hold? I've met a lot of people and there are a lot of avenues that I want to approach and get into. Obviously there's work with the IAVA and veterans organizations that I want to get into. That's my passion and I can see myself doing that as long as I'm alive, I guess.What was it like to watch the episode where you learn you're going back to Iraq? We should be leaving April 15 or 16 out of Fort Bragg, N. I think it's going to be a year deployment or 10 months. For being called up in the IRR they can hold us no longer than 400 days according to the orders. So those guys are my family anyway, so I'll keep in touch. Yeah, I'm trying to set up a Web site now that follows my trip , a place where I can post stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if the Army wizard waved a magic wand and kept us in, but it should be no more than March 15, 2010, and then my eight-year contract ends -- June 2010 and I can never be called back. As you do these media interviews, has anyone in the Army told you to be careful what you talk about? I've gotten a call from the higher-ups who are kind of in control of media outlets in the Army.

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So somewhere around there I'll be pretty happy.

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