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One woman said street harassment led her to move neighborhoods.While the documentation of street harassment and its impact is growing, we know less about why it happens.A few men marched alongside her, repeatedly asking for her phone number or a date and then calling her a slut or a whore when she politely refused.In the film, Peeters also interviewed women about their similar experiences.While the documentary was filmed in Brussels, the behavior captured occurs in cities worldwide, as demonstrated by the stories women share on the Hollaback chapter blogs and websites such as Stop Street Harassment, Harass Map and Blank Noise. Supporting the stories and film footage, the few studies on the subject reveal that more than 80 percent of women experience street harassment in Canada, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Yemen and the U.

Professor Rosalind Gill, of King’s College said: “Up until now, e-safety campaigns have focused on preparing young people to face dangers posed by strangers online.”He also revealed that youths are increasingly savvy at protecting themselves from strangers and now facing new problem of peer-to-peer approaches for graphic images.“We are deeply upset by the levels of sexual abuse, physical harassment and even violence some of the girls experienced on regular basis,” she added.Jon Brown, head of sexual abuse programme at NSPCC, feels the same about the disturbing revelation.“What’s most striking about this research is that many young people seem to accept all this part of life.Street harassment negatively impacts women’s lives. A recent survey for Gallup conducted in 143 countries shows that significantly more women than men feel unsafe walking alone at night, and street harassment is undoubtedly a large reason why.In the film, women that Peeters interviewed shared how, because of street harassment, they avoid eye contact with men, change how they dress, alter their routes, stay off public transportation at night and listen to i Pods.

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  2. But it is great to see stories like this to keep people informed.(anonymous)Men are disgusting. People here work abroad because of the little opportunities that they have in-country and are sadly taken advantage of.