Amy and minwoo dating

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Amy and minwoo dating

“Amy has been hospitalized twice this year at the Soon Chun Hyang Hospital near her home.

Overworked by TV appearances and her online shopping mall business happening at the same time, the mental toll of being apart further aggravated her health problems.”Amy and Lee Minwoo began dating in real life after filming KBS2’s “Happy Sunday – Kkokko Tour” together in September last year, and the couple’s admission to the public about their relationship had created a big stir in the entertainment world.

We are now carefully getting to know each other better and hope that everyone can be patient for the good news to come.” Min Woo and Amy got to know each other through KBS2TV Happy Sunday program Kko Kko Single where they were paired up as a couple on the show.

But clearly, they have taken that relationship from tv into reality.

The pair had shared an underwater kiss almost immediately on their first date on the Saipan episode, with strong chemistry exhibited.

Recently, the both of them were spotted dating at coffee joints in Apgujong and eating from roadside stalls.

Shinhwa means Friendship, Longevity, Together Forever no matter what.

They have experienced big and small conflicts since this year, and in April their relationship really deteriorated so in the end the both of them made clear their intentions with each other and reached a mutual understanding to end the relationship.”He briefly explained the reason behind their split, “Just like in the cases of normal young couples, the difference between their personalities was the biggest reason.”He added cautiously that the couple had went through a considerably hard time before deciding to split, and also that Amy has been suddenly hospitalized.Although I very much want to say how we had progressed during this time but this is not the right moment.I will only speak once this is cleared up with oppa's management agency.” Min Woo is now promoting his 4th album M Rizing and will be enlisted next year in the army.In response to the dating rumours with Amy that have been spreading like wildfire since last month, Shinhwa member Lee Min Woo made an official announcement yesterday, admitting his relationship with Amy.Lee Min Woo held his “M RIZING” concert in Tokyo yesterday (18th) and at the press conference after the concert, he admits to be dating with Amy.

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but then he has found someone, and he has promised his fans that he wont hide it so at least he is keeping his word just hoping it wont be just another fanfare situation just like what has happened with the other shinhwa member earlier this year (yes i am talking about them) people dunno who is amy before this and now she is number one in naver search over the whole dating minu thingy....

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