America dating website

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America dating website

Matcha drinkers receive 100% of the benefits of the whole tea leaf, enjoying its antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Matcha contains higher antioxidant levels on a per gram basis than any other known natural fruits or vegetables.

Matcha is a shade-grown, all-natural, powdered Japanese green tea.

Unlike other teas, Matcha undergoes a number of additional steps in the production cycle before it makes its way into your cup, including; shade growing, hand picking, and granite milling into a fine powder.

This causes the Matcha to overproduce chlorophyll, giving it its vibrant green color and preserving its delicate amino acids. To this day, when the Matcha is harvested in early May, the fresh green tea leaves are plucked by hand.

Immediately after harvest, they are steamed and dried.

It soon switched its focus to producing Japan’s most premium tea – Matcha – and is still family owned to this day.

AIYA has two tea sommeliers with 40 years of experience who are in charge of blending.

This allows for the production of consistent flavors and colors of Matcha each year, as there are more than 100 existing grades which differ from each other in color and taste profile.

To meet the demands for large volumes from food/beverage manufacturers with a reasonable lead time, Aiya provides Matcha in large bulk sized packaging.

Aiya offers private label options for clients who would like to have their own branded merchandise.

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Artisans are a dying breed, and only Aiya houses veteran artisans who train young artisans to continue the 120 year tradition.

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