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She has never been seen since, and it is assumed she returned to New Zealand.

Johnny Harris, played by Michael O'Hagan, is a criminal associate of Den Watts (Leslie Grantham), who shows up occasionally from February 1988 to liaise with Den about various scams they are involved with.

I am terrified as to what would have happened if we hadn't gone to get her and if she hadn't got in the car.

She and I was saying go away but the girls hurling abuse at her and shouting ISIS, saying they would break her nose, calling her ugly, saying you watch what happens now.'My daughter got out car go to speak to a teacher and she was saying: "this is what I have got to put up with - I don't come to school for this", but the teachers seemed more concerned with me putting my phone away.'I am fearful for my kids. I have received an email from school saying if she wants to return then it is in her best interests to go to a study centre which I thought was an isolation unit for naughty children.'It seems like she is being punished for being a victim of bullying.'We come from a mixed race background as a family and we were raised that we are all equal.

What ISIS do has nothing to do with us being Muslims.

It's like they're reminding her that no one likes her and it is just unfair.

They have called her ISIS and asked her where she was on the night of the Manchester Bombings.

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I've reported this to the police, local MP and the council and the governors of the school.