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If it weren't for the fact that he needed a ride home at the last minute, I may not be typing this right now.A year and a half ago I had one after being seizure free about 8 years, while at work.

Starting about 15 yrs ago, I had really occasional dizzy spells, triggered for example by smell or just randomly hit me.He said I was jerking, eyes rolled back, moving everywhere, not responding, no clue he was there. If I have another one the 6 month driving starts over so did some of you not drive for a year? If my sleep study comes back saying I have sleep apnea which caused the seizure, won't a cpap machine help and I really don't have a seizure disorder?? Most triggers are related to lack of sleep or insuffient diet.I didn't respond to 4 paramedics, an ambulance ride. I have had simple partial seizures after the hospital visit. They said I could be having tiny seizures in my sleep then the big one the other day. I am depakote and they will raise it up to the right dose for me gradually. If all your tests come back negative(ie MRI, Cat scan, EEG, blood work) your meds should help.Once we were all settled and my husband could get there and tell what happened, I got the full work up. Seizures are a side-effect of something and it sounds like diet and sleep, with anxiety could be contributing. Third: This website is the best thing for your health, emotions, and family awareness.I would spend as much money as you can afford, make your sleep #1! Forth: The more pro-active you are, the better you will feel physically and spiritually. suggestions: start keeping a diary of your seizures and a list of questions for your neurologist.

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When I came around I didn't know where I was and my tongue was bit up. My blood sugar was very low and I had a headache on the left side of my head. So Complex Partial Seizure left frontal lobe with secondary generalization. My son has seizures as well and on Depakote/Tegretol. feels that I am under stress..yea stay at home mom to a boy that had a stroke, not to mention other stuff. Questions: Many of my friends are asking me if adult onset seizures are common? However, you might have to change meds before they fit you.

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