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Using the newly enacted law, "Chief Natachaman" and Gary Brown started the process of retrieving the remains.

Havoc of this nature occurred time an again and the early settlers soon abandoned their farms and Marlborough was for a time left desolate.

On April 18, 1676, the Indians returned and burned the remaining houses at Marlborough.

It was in the year of 1676 that many of the Praying Indians that were settled in "Ockoocangansett" were arrested after King Philip's War, Nipmuc and other Native Americans in 'Praying Towns' within Nipnet were ordered to Natick, taken to Boston and eventually to Deer Island in the harbor; others were hunted down and killed or taken captive and sold into slavery in the West Indies.

During this short period, six hundred of our brave men, the flower and strength of the Colony, had fallen, and six hundred dwelling houses were consumed. Brismead, had had a severe toothache and discovered the attacking Indians when he stepped out of the church for some relief from the pain.

Every eleventh family was house less, and every eleventh soldier had sunk to his grave."Sunday, March 26, 1676, the Nipmuck Indian tribe raided Marlborough, the townspeople were at church when the attack began. The worshipping assembly were alarmed by the appalling cry, "The Indians are upon us".

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The Town of Marlborough with it's nearby "Praying Indian" settlement at the plantation" or "plowed fields place" a village known as the Ockoogamesets or "Ockoocangansett" were a small Nipmuc band was an example of the good and the bad relations with the Indians.

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