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Accommodatingseniors com

He’s not ready to give up on the things that give him energy–communication, conversation, sharing different experiences and perspectives–for the homogeneity of a senior center.But as an older person in America, he finds himself in a world that’s not set up to receive what he can offer.The BLS points out that tough competition for jobs at the best architectural firms will make seeking employment difficult for graduates.It's not all grim news for graduates and the unemployed.The BLS expects employment from 2010 to 2020 to grow by 24 percent.Sustainable design should see increased demand, with more interest in green buildings that are environmentally friendly and conserve resources. The bottom 10 percent, which often represents entry-level workers, earned ,030.He’s sprightly: His exercise routine includes circuit training, cardio, and boxing, and he volunteers at a nearby jail, teaching classes in mindfulness.O’Halloran’s doctor tells him he has maybe five to 10 years left living on his own, but he’s considering a move to a senior center sooner; he’s social, and he doesn’t like living without easy access to people to chat with. “I need to talk to young people–millennials,” he says.

Christensen studied communications at the University of Washington and history at Armstrong Atlantic State University.“At the senior center, I can sit down and schmooze, talk about jitterbugging,” he says.“But it’s all the same perspective.”Like many people heading into their later years, O’Halloran has found himself in a bind.Architecture is so closely tied to the construction industry that even small negative fluctuations when the economy is good are felt -- mostly locally -- leading some firms to cut back on hours until work picks up. Architects with master's degrees tend to have a lower unemployment rate than those with only a bachelor's degree. cited a Georgetown University study, released in January of 2012, showing that 7.7 percent of architects with a master's degree were unemployed as opposed to a 13.9 percent unemployment rate for those with a bachelor's degree.The study tracked recent college graduates aged 22 to 26.

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The recession of 2008 had a significant impact on architects, and the industry had not recovered as of 2012.

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